My Top 10 Shadow the Hedgehog Quotes

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Here is a list of my favorite quotes of my favorite character of the Sonic franchise, Shadow the Hedgehog, and a short explanation of why they are my favorite. Some of these I explained in my Shadow the Hedgehog Character Analysis so I won’t say anymore on them. Warning! There will be spoilers.

10.)   Damn! Not here! Shadow the Hedgehog.

Shadow says this whenever you fall to your death. It’s not really one of my favorites but I’ve heard it so much (Damn you, Homing Attack!) I thought I’d go ahead and include it anyway.

9)   A super-dimensional being? Heh, this might even be a fair fight! Sonic ‘06

Shadow got the right attitude! He says this right before fighting the final boss. I just like this one because of how cocky Shadow’s being.

8.)   Where’s that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald!? Shadow the Hedgehog.

Yeah, where is that DAMN Emerald. It’s so DAMN hard to find! I’ve been running in a straight line for so DAMN long! I hope I find it soon because I’m so DAMN hungry! You’d think you’d be able to find at least one DAMN food stand in a DAMN amusement park, but finding one of those is as hard to find that DAMN fourth Emerald. Oh there it is Tails has it. DAMN! He crashed for no reason. And he crashed so DAMN far! I guess it’s more DAMN running for me. DAMN!

7.)   Behold the ultimate power! Shadow the Hedgehog


Behold, the ultimate wallpaper!

Shadow says this whenever the Hero gauge is full. I loved both Chaos Control and Chaos Blast. It certainly made boss battles easier.

6.)    Hmph… There’s no way I’d lose to someone like him who blames their own failures on the past, Sonic Rivals.

Another line of Shadow being cocky.

5.)   Omega is a good friend. If anything has happened to him, I will be very upset, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

See! Shadow does have a heart.

4.)   The builders never understand how their creations truly feel, Sonic Battle.

I can’t remember exactly when he said this but I think it was near the end of the game. I think this line speaks for itself.

3.)   Even if my memories aren’t real, I’m still me, Shadow. And I will fulfill my promise to Maria. That’s the only thing that matters to me now, Sonic Adventure 2.

Shadow says when Rouge tells him what he might not be the “ultimate life form.” I like this one because it just shows how strong his overall character is and how strong his bond with Maria was. He might be a fake but his friendship with Maria certainly felt real to him. Of course he also says this when he’s still trying to destroy the Earth.

2.)    Maria… this is what you wanted, right? This is my promise I made to you… Sonic Adventure 2.

Shadow says this at the end of Sonic Adventure 2 when he is falling to his death. I already explained this one in my Shadow Analysis so I won’t say anymore.

1.)   Goodbye forever… Shadow the Hedgehog…

Shadow says this at the end of Shadow the Hedgehog. I also explained this one in my Shadow Analysis.

And that’s my list! Feel free to post your favorite Shadow quotes.

GuardianTree12 out!


My Top 10 Silent Hill 1 & 2 Quotes

Greetings from GuardianTree12!

Here is just a list of my top 10 favorite quotes from the games Silent Hill (1) and Silent Hill 2 and a short explanation of why these are my favorite quotes. Warning! There will be spoilers.

10.)   That’s strange, it’s getting darker- Harry Mason, Silent Hill.

It’s a great line to set up the game. Harry says this when he is looking for his daughter and it starts getting dark. Then sirens start going off. You’re not sure what’s going on, but you know it’s not going to be good.

9.)   I don’t want to think so, but maybe this is all just going on in my head- Harry Mason, Silent Hill.

At this point in the game, Harry is really confused. All he really wants is his daughter back and all he ever gets are Lisa Garland’s frantic pleas, Dahlia Gillespie’s riddles, and Cybil Bennett’s statements of disbelief, oh yeah and monsters. He’s starting to question his sanity but there’s nothing to do but dive deeper and deeper into the mystery of Silent Hill.

SH2mariaInPrison8.)   James, honey… did something happen to you…? After we got separated in that long hallway…? Are you confusing me with someone else…? Maria, Silent Hill 2.

Maria says this when James finds her after she has been killed by Pyramid Head. Wait, what? After this scene the audience is just as confused as James is.

7.)   Herein lies the mother’s womb, containing the power to create life, Dahlia  Gillespie, Silent Hill.

Dahlia says this in a flashback near the end of the game. This scene shows just how twisted Dahlia is and reveals how Silent Hill became what it is now.

6.) Killing a person ain’t no big deal. Just put the gun to their head… POW! – Eddie Drombrowski,
Silent Hill 2.


This line speaks for itself. The way Eddie looks when he says this, not just how he says it, is really creepy. It’s clear that he gone completely psyco.

5.)   You see it too? For me, it’s always like this- Angela Orosco, Silent Hill 2.

Angela probably has the most depressing and messed up backstory next to Alessa Gillespie. James saves her twice throughout the game, once in the Blue Creek Apartments where he convinces her not to kill herself and once from a monstrous version of her dad in the labyrinth, but in the end she decides that her life is not worth living and ascends up a burning staircase, presumably to her death. This was really sad because I wanted Angela to be able to move on with her life, but she was too broken for that to happen.

4.)   You better do something for that cough- James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2.

Of all the multiple endings Silent Hill 2 has, this one is the most haunting. James says this to Maria after she coughs as they are leaving Silent Hill. This hints that James never learned or refuses to learn anything after his experience in Silent Hill and the events that led up to his visit to Silent Hill are doomed to repeat themselves.

3.)   Harry, I get it now, why I’m still alive even though everyone else is dead- Lisa Garland, Silent Hill.lisa

Lisa says this to Harry right before she reveals what she has realized about herself. This whole scene is really creepy and sad.

2.)   In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill- Mary Sunderland, Silent Hill 2.

This is the opening line for both the beginning of Mary’s letter to James and the beginning of Silent Hill 2. It’s a perfect line to set up the game and Mary’s full letter that James gets at the end is both sad and uplifting.

1.)   Have you seen a girl? Short—

Just kidding

Here’s the real number one: I was weak. That’s why I needed you… Needed someone to punish me for my sins… But that’s all over now. I know the truth. Now it’s time to end this. – James Sunderland.

James says this after he realizes what’s going on. It’s really inspiring to see some    face and fight, literally, their own sins.

And that’s my list! Hope you enjoyed skipping down the dimly-lit, corpse-filled, monster-infested street called memory lane. Feel free to post your favorite Silent Hill quotes.

GuardianTree12 out.

Dynamic Duos: Jak and Daxter

Warning! The following will contain major spoilers for the original video game trilogy Jak and Daxter.

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jak and daxter

Of all the games I played in my childhood, the Jak and Daxter trilogy has to be my favorite. Jak and Daxter are the most fun and bad-ass heroic duo I know, and I consider them to be one of the best. They complement each other perfectly. Jak is bold and serious, but is easily angered and a little rash. Still, he always does his best to help out his friends. Daxter isn’t as brave as Jak but I wouldn’t call him cowardly, he has his own brand of courage. He’s more lighthearted than Jak often making sarcastic remarks (though both can be sarcastic at times), telling tall tales, or hitting on women. He’s the perfect example of a good comic relief character.

Human Daxter

No offence Daxter, but you look better as an ottsel.

It is implied that Jak and Daxter have been friends since childhood, but we never know how they meet or became friends. Still, they have a very strong bond and have more of a brotherly relationship (I like to think of them as brothers). Except in the spin-off game, Daxter, and when Jak was in prison, Jak and Daxter are always seen together.

Their adventure begins when Jak and Daxter go to Misty Island against Samos’s orders. There, Jak accidentally knocks Daxter into a pit of dark eco. Daxter comes out as a ferret/weasel thing called an ottsel. They travel around the world to find a way to change Daxter back to his original form, but they don’t. They do find something that may or may not change him back but Daxter reluctantly decides to use it against the main villains of the game, Gol and Mia. Even though Jak is the cause of Daxter’s transformation, he doesn’t blame him too much and eventually he learns to deal with it.

dark jak

I will eat your babies!

Now Jak in the first game was a completely different Jak than the Jak in the last two games. He was kinder and not as rash but he still brave and he loved adventure. But he had very little personality; he was mostly just an avatar the player controlled. Jak become his own character in the sequel, Jak 2. At the beginning of this game, Jak, Daxter, Keira, and Samos are sent to another world and get separated. Jak gets captured and is experimented on. Even though it takes two years, Daxter does manage to rescue him. Though when he does, he learns very quickly that Jak has changed. Through the dark eco experiments, Jak has gained the ability to transform into “dark Jak,” but it’s not under his full control. The rest of the game has our heroes trying to find their back home while also trying to get revenge on the Baron. Eventually, they find out that the world they were sent to is actually their world in the future. At the end, they find out that they can’t go back to the past because the boy they met at the beginning was actually young Jak, and he and young Samos are the ones who need to go back to the past. Don’t think about it too much, time travel is always confusing. But our heroes are more than happy to stay with all the new friends (and let’s not forget all the new toys they collected) over the course of the game.

jak 3 ending

Life is good.

In Jak 3, it seems that the people of Haven are not too happy about having a mutant rage monster in their city, so they throw Jak into the desert. Jak doesn’t want Daxter to be banished with him but Daxter tags along anyway, proving once again how inseparable these two are. Luckily, they are rescued by the Wastelanders of the desert city Spargus. The rest of the game has our heroes trying to clear their name by saving Haven, Spargus, and the world from rampaging robots, bloodthirsty Metal Heads, Dark Precursors, and a crazed cyborg. Jak also gains new dark eco powers as well as light eco powers over the course of the game, which is pretty cool because you get to stop time and fly! At the end of the game, Jak has the chance to explore the universe with the Precursors, but he decides to remain behind with Daxter, who stays because he now has two things he’s been wanting since game one: pants and a girlfriend. It is then suggested that they go on many new and exciting adventures together.

dark daxter

I mean Dark Daxter? Really? I think some things are best left in fan-fiction.

I had always hoped Naughty Dog would at least make one more Jak and Daxter game (I wasn’t impressed with High Impact’s Lost Frontier) that wasn’t a racing game but alas this never happened. Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. But I am pretty satisfied with Jak 3’s ending and at least there’s the remastered HD version. I love Jak and Daxter and I love their games. They are fun and simple, and these two characters add a certain charm to their games that I find it impossible not to love them. Even now I still enjoy playing this trilogy from time to time, even though I know where everything is, how to beat all the challenges, and how the stories and the characters progress. I just love them and I think they are worth playing over and over again.

GuardianTree12 out!

Dynamic Duos: Tidus and Yuna

   Warning! The following will contain major spoilers for the video game Final Fantasy 10.Yuna and Tidus

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tidus and yuna laugh

Though I will admit this scene is weird.

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, so I thought for my next analysis I will discuss one of my favorite duos in all of Fictiondom (Fiction + Kingdom). But why stop with just one duo analysis? For the next two weeks, I will be discussing couples who I think shared the most interesting and/or inspiring bonds. Not all of these dynamic duo analyses will be about romantic couples because even though I’m a girl, I’m not into romance that much and romance isn’t the only bond two people share. I might talk about the bond between two best friends, or the bond between mother and daughter, father and son, brothers or sisters. Any two characters who shared a bond that left the most impact on me I will talk about. So without further ado, here is my first Dynamic Duo Analysis.
Tidus and Yuna, this will probably be the only romantic couple analysis that I will do because like I said before, I don’t like romance that much. Most of the time I find them either completely boring, pointless, cliché, and unrealistic (Romeo and Juliet), or mind-numbingly annoying (Sonic and Amy). And stories that focus on romance is just torture to me. But what I like about Tidus and Yuna’s relationship is that it isn’t the focus of the story, sure it’s still a major part of the story, but their journey together is nothing short of inspiring and it isn’t the “love at first sight” cliché we see all the time.

Their relationship begins when after Tidus arrives on the island of Besaid, a priest expresses his concerns to Wakka about a summoner (Yuna) that has been in the Cloister of Trials for three days. Also concerned, Tidus enters the Cloister of Trials to look for the summoner despite protests from both the priest and Wakka. Once at the end of the Trials, he sees that the summoner is not some wise old man as he expected the summoner to be but a young, teenage girl. They talk briefly that night, nothing big or spectacular or romantic, just a short introduction. Afterwards he joins Yuna on her pilgrimage but doesn’t officially become part of the group until after the tournament in Luca. He only joins then to face his father who he has just learned is Sin, the monster rampaging across Spira and the whole reason for the summoners and their pilgrimages, and because he can’t really do anything else. Tidus is a stranger in a strange land; he really has no place to go except with the group. He grows closer to Yuna as the journey goes on because she is the only one he seems to believe he really is from Zanarkand and because he is curious of her status and powers as a summoner. And she grows closer to him because she is curious about his Zanarkand and because his father was one of her father’s guardians.

tidus fades away

Irony is a bitch.

After Yuna is captured by the Al Bhed, Tidus becomes really guilty for talking so nonchalant about Zanarkand and the end of their journey when he learns that all summoners die when they defeat Sin. Then after the group obtains the airship, rescues Yuna, and escapes Bevelle, Tidus apologizes to Yuna and promises to help her defeat Sin without her dying. Their relationship is then kind of put on hold for a while. At the end of the game after defeating Sin for the final time, Yuna confesses her love for him as he fades away. This scene here is the saddest event in the game and possibly one of the saddest moments in gaming history.


If this guy was my father, I’d hate him too.

Yuna and Tidus have the most character development in the game. At the beginning of the game, Yuna is shown to be kind and strong willed but she only acts like this because she feels she has to. A lot of pressure is put on her because she is both a summoner and Braska’s daughter; deep down, she’s just as scared of dying as anyone else is and she’s really unsure of herself. Her speech after the end of the final battle indicates she now has confidence in herself and shows how much she has matured. Tidus is young and naïve (they both are) and a little bit of a crybaby, but you’ve got to respect a guy who continues to fight even after learning that at the end of the battle, his very existence will be wiped out. He fights not to save the world or because it’s the right thing to do, but because if he doesn’t, Yuna will die and he’ll never get over his daddy issues. It’s sad that they don’t end up together but their growing bond and the way they help each other overcome their own personal obstacles is really inspiring.

Yuna FFX2

Burn abomination! Burn!

And I know that Tidus comes back at the end of X-2 but you have to complete a certain amount of the game for that to happen and once that sad excuse of a game, I guarantee you will destroy the game and everything it touched, imagine a slow, agonizing, gruesome death on all of the characters you once cherished, and wage an all-out ragewar against SquareEnix within the first five minutes of playing. Besides, resurrecting Tidus takes away the impact the end of the last game had.

GuardianTree12 out.

Character Analysis: Spyro the Dragon

Warning! The following will contain some spoilers for the Spyro franchise.

spyro the dragonGreetings from GuardianTree12!

The original Spyro trilogy was one of my favorite game series as a kid. It was simple yet fun and I still enjoy playing these games today. The music was upbeat, and the artwork was pretty good for a PlayStation 1 game. I loved exploring all the worlds and collecting gems. But the main thing I like about these games is- you guessed it- Spyro the Dragon.

Spyro is the hero of these games (obviously) and is often accompanied by a yellow dragonfly named Sparx, who acts as his health bar. He is a young, purple dragon who’s always looking for an adventure. He’s very upbeat and often sarcastic and a little rash. He will help people who ask for his help, but I think he mostly does it because he thinks it will be fun. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about what’s going on, he just wants to have fun while he’s saving the world. He makes friends easily and is very protective of them. Sometimes he’s a little stubborn but overall he’s a pretty likeable fellow.

The Spyro in the PlayStation 3 trilogy is a completely different character (which is one of the many things I hated about the new series). He’s no longer as sarcastic or stubborn; he’s now more serious and has a “take charge” kind of attitude. He’s very caring and selfless, and he works hard to save the world. All these are noble qualities, but what made the Spyro games so great was that Spyro wasn’t the typical hero. He fun and upbeat and he never worried much, which made the game fun and upbeat.

And that’s all there really is to say about Spyro. He’s fun and I love him.

GuardianTree12 out.

Character Analysis: Shadow the Hedgehog

Warning! This character analysis/review will have major spoilers.

Greetings from GuardianTree12!

I am a fan of the Sonic franchise. With that said, I have to admit I don’t like Sonic games that much. I don’t like 2D scroller games that much, and the controls on the newer 3D Sonic games are very hard to control. Plus the stories are either insultingly simple or just all over the place. You might be wondering: if you don’t like the games, how can you be a fan of the series? Well I don’t dislike all Sonic games and the music or soundtracks to these games are usually pretty good. But the main thing that love about this series and what keeps drawing me back to it, are the characters (well, all the characters I like anyway). And the character I love the most from this series is Shadow the Hedgehog.

Shadow is first seen in the game Sonic Adventure 2. In this game, Eggman wakes Shadow up when he is trying to find a “weapon” that his grandfather stored away. Shadow convinces Eggman to gather up the chaos emeralds to power this “super weapon” aboard the Ark- a giant, floating lab in space shaped like the moon, housing a lovely variety of crazed experiments and super-powered weapons. Little does Eggman know, Shadow plans to use the “super weapon,” AKA the Eclipse Canon, to destroy the world in order to avenge the death of his best friend, Maria, who was killed 50 years prior. A lot more happens, but that’s basically how it goes. Anyway, Shadow is eventually persuaded to help So

nic save the world after Amy unintentionally awakens the memory before Maria’s death in which she tells him to make the people happy. Sonic and Shadow manage to defeat the Biolizard, one of the crazed experiments on the Ark, but it somehow fuses to the Eclipse Canon and sets the Ark on a collision course with Earth. Sonic and Shadow defeat it again in “super form,” but the Ark is still set to collide into Earth. Shadow then uses all of his energy to use Chaos Control and moves the entire Ark onto a safe orbit around Earth. He then falls to his “death,” asking Maria if this is what she wanted.

However, Shadow does not die. He, unfortunately, is resurrected in Sonic Heroes. Not much happens in this game so I’m going to skip it.

Shadow’s own game

His next appearance is in his own game simply titled Shadow the Hedgehog. This game is supposedly set after the events in Sonic Heroes, but I refuse to believe that. There were no events in Sonic Heroes. Anyway, this game starts out with Shadow, once again, trying to remember his past. A mysterious alien creature shows up, who does not look or sound evil in any way, and tells Shadow that if he works for him, he will reveal Shadow’s past. The mystery alien, Black Doom, then sends out his alien army to attack the city, again, totally not evil. Depending on which missions the player chooses to do, the ending changes. There are eleven endings in all; but to get the final “true” ending, the player has to unlock all ten endings. In the true ending, Black Doom tells Shadow that he was created using Black Doom’s blood and reveals his evil plan, which is basically to destroy all humans, big shock, right? Well it is to Shadow, who doesn’t like the fact that he has been used this whole time. He uses the Chaos emeralds to turn into Super Shadow, defeats Black Doom, and destroys the Black Comet, which houses all of the evil alie

ns. The game ends with Shadow overlooking Earth from the Ark. He drops a picture of Maria and says, “Goodbye forever, Shadow the Hedgehog.”

Shadow in Sonic X

He appears in numerous other Sonic games, but he doesn’t have as nearly as big of a role and he’s not nearly as interesting. He also appears in the anime Sonic X. He doesn’t appear until around episode 30 and his role in this story is almost exactly the same as it is in Sonic Adventure 2. He comes back later on when Sonic and co. are on their Dragonball GT quest. He doesn’t really do anything in these episodes except be a jerk and starts fights. At the end of the series, he again sacrifices himself by using Chaos Control.

Now that I got all of that out of the way, here’s my take on the character. As I stated before, Shadow is my favorite character in the Sonic franchise. His character is a lot darker than the others and offers more of a balance to these lighthearted, kid-friendly games. He is a bit of a loner and doesn’t talk much (at least not as much as the others do). He is serious (most of the time), cold, calculating, ruthless, and a tad egotistical. He will do anything to get what he wants, which makes him rather impulsive at times. He doesn’t have much respect for Sonic or anyone else for that matter and often says things that hurt whoever he’s talking to. However, he isn’t completely heartless. In Sonic Adventure 2, he saves Rouge when she is trapped on Prison Island with a bomb about to go off. He helps Sonic and co. save the world on more than one occasion, even though he acts like he doesn’t want to. And after Shadow the Hedgehog, he works for GUN. I believe that deep down, he does care; he just doesn’t want anyone to know.

But as much as I love Shadow the Hedgehog, I think it would have been best to leave Shadow dead after Sonic Adventure 2. Shadow’s character was strongest in Sonic Adventure 2. Maria was Shadow’s best friend and her death was so sudden and tragic for him, revenge was all he could think about. It also doesn’t help when a mad scientist, Gerald Robotnik, screws with his memories in such a way that he can only think about Maria’s death. But once he remembers his promise to Maria and realizes that revenge isn’t a good idea, he doesn’t hesitate to help Sonic and has no problem sacrificing himself. He redeems himself by letting go of his hatred.

Shadow’s character is so complete he doesn’t need to come back. In the other Sonic games all he does is be a jerk and start fights or other problems, or broods. I don’t mind brooding but it needs to be used sparingly, or at least not shoved in your face every five minutes, to be effective and brooding coupled with amnesia is just annoying. He serves only as a reminder that Sonic and Shadow are rivals. Which I don’t get, wasn’t Knuckles Sonic’s rival?

Then again, if he didn’t come back we wouldn’t have Shadow the Hedgehog, which I do enjoy playing from time to time (even though I die every time I do a homing attack). The true ending to this game is equally as powerful as Sonic Adventure 2’s ending. When he drops Maria’s picture and says, “Goodbye, Shadow the Hedgehog,” what he’s really saying is, “I’m going to let go of my past.” Throughout the game he is trying to uncover his past but by the end he realizes his past isn’t important and he needs to move on.

All in all, Shadow is a great character but Sega needs to either do something new with his character or just stop using him.

GuardianTree12 out.

Also ShadowxRouge forever!